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Welcome to Energor

Energy - the absolute elixir of life, it is a prerequisite for any development and therefore indispensable. This makes the correct choice of energy source that much more important.the necessity to employ emission-free or, at least, low-emission energies is increasing. Internationally, about 80 percent of the energy used is obtained from the so-called fossil energy sources:oil, natural gas and coal. The greatest energy consumer after industries are private households. This is precisely where we need to start and do something for the environment since the demand for fossil energy sources will continue in the coming decades. Among the renewable forms of energy, the experts predict a significant future for green energy production.

Our society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of renewable energy, green energy - the most promising clean energy source for new generations,by adopting environmental friendly energy, you will become a community leader and an example of progress.

We believe in using Mother Nature's gift and producing clean energy directly from the sun. We are driven to serve you, our environment and our economy. All work according to the same principle,by transforming natural energy directly into electricity. What works on a small scale can also be applied in greater dimensions, creating energy for private house-hold use and in power stations for the public grid.