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Quality and Service

Our main business focus is to develop renewable-energy application products,projects and services. Our products are intended to be used for manufacturing, planning, performance monitoring and management of solar power production. Based on the latest scientific and technological knowledge, the services provided to our customers are a result of our own in-house research and development. As a result, we can guarantee that every Energor Solar product or service will bear quality that is unparalleled by any competitors within the industry.

Our long-term goal is to contribute to the changing global economic perspective towards sustainable production and consumption, promoting environmentally friendly technology.

Through company policy Energor Solar takes steps to ensure customer satisfaction. This is done by improving the internal efficiency of its employees, continuously adapting to the market needs and demands and through the restless improvement of our technologies and procedures. In relation to long-term partnership with our customers, mutual respect and professional approach is invariably applied.

The long-term strategy for service of consistently outstanding quality follows the following principles:
☆ The company attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of our quality when it comes to the provision of services, wherein the primary concern is customer satisfaction.
☆ The company provides services that meet each individual customer’s needs; the work’s parameters generally surpass the industry standards.
☆ Great emphasis is placed on communication with customers and on building a mutually profitable long-term partnership.
☆Feedback from customers is a motivational factor increasing service quality. It often leads to further improvement of processes within the company, as well as the modernizing of methods and technologies.
☆ Management is committed to a good-enough-is-never type philosophy, which leads to the continuous improvement of quality standards.
☆ We create an atmosphere that promotes outstanding work within the company by a very selective employee hiring process. Chosen team members understand that there is no compromise when it comes to quality.


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