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1. Solar Street Light

The series street lights are a solar powered lighting system to provide all roadways with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective street lighting alternative. Many different types of lights are available.Entire pole-mounted system is designed to withstand 150 MPH wind loads. These lights combine the latest technology available to provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation.


◆All roadways ◆Schools and college campuses ◆Military bases ◆Industrial parks ◆Remote Roadways


1) 100% solar powered 2)No wiring 3)Fast and easy installation 4)No utility bill, save money and energy 5)Low maintenance
6) Controller has an adjustable timer and low voltage disconnect
7) Intelligent Control for automatically Switching On/Off
8) Environmentally friendly


1) Solar Panel: Monocrystallian or Polycrystallian 70-200Wp(can be ordered according to the user's needs),the life-span is more than 20 years;
2) Working voltage 12V (24V) or according to your requirement;
3) Battery: non-maintaining Lead-acid Battery (12 or 24V 70Ah – 200 Ah)
4) Controller: 12V 10Ah Intelligent Controller (single or duel routes output)
5) Luminous flux 7800Lm
6) Lamp: LED Lamp: 20-60W
7) Installation space: 25-28 meters
8) Height: 4.5m – 12 m (or customized)
9) Work Time: Working time≥8h/day,5 days overcast and rainy in succession , it is still normally lighted at night;
10) Operation Temperature Range: -40℃ – 70℃
11) Accessories:Cable,Terminal,etc.
12) We can supply whole set of solar street lights as well as only the solar panel, battery, lamp, controller and installation parts without poles




2. Solar Lawn Light

Solar Lawn lights are gaining popularity among most of the homeowners these days. Solar lights come in various designs and styles. You can easily choose from a wide variety of fixtures matching to the decor of your garden. The greatest advantage of using these lights in your garden is that you do not have to use electricity for illuminating them. They use the solar energy and are cost effective

Speciifcation with 0.3W-2W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



3. Solar Garden Light

Solar garden lamps are powered by the electricity converted from sunshine, and can be used without any further cost for a long time after once investment, It has the feature of many advantages such as safety, energy-saving, environment-friendly, convenience, aesthetic etc. Furthermore, its installation and maintenance is very simple: the switch, charge and discharge can be done automatically by the electrical circuit controller, and user can remove it freely without any complex electrical wire connection project.

Speciifcation with 3W-10W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



4. Solar Flood Light

This solar flood light normally used in your garden or garage which can charging at day and light up at night.It not like sensor light,it keep bright all night till the battery use up.

Speciifcation with 2W-20W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



5. Solar Spot Light

This solar spot light can beautify your landscape with convenient. This unit can be mounted around your driveway, deck or patio, and ideal for spot lighting, highlighting, footlighting or uplighting. ABS plastic construction with adjustable tilt is perfect for accurate positioning and aiming. Each solar spot light has its own solar panel and led lights built-in, so it is completely self-contained.

Speciifcation with 0.02W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



6. Solar Traffic Light

Working without using electricity from public power. Wire-burying is unnecessary.Automatic control
Be able to work continuously for 10-15 cloudy days.To prevent traffic accident effectively

Speciifcation with 5W-70W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



7. Solar Wall Light

The solar wall Light is used for saving energy and protecting environment, it is made of Silicon cells, storage battery, auto-control system and LED bulbs.  it uses natural solar energy and very easily installed on outdoor wall ,Its stand frame is made of aluminum and powder coating, has highly resist-corrosive and UV- resistant ability.

Speciifcation with 0.02W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



8.Solar Camping Light

Solar Camping Light are the necessary for camping, examine, exploration and traveling. These mainly solar the problem for lighting, mobile and digital products.

The characters of the products are very small, easy to carrying, the long life of the inner battery and big capacity. Having one in you hand, you will never be trouble with the problem without power.

Speciifcation with 0.32W to 2.5W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



9. Solar Ground Light

Speciifcation with 0.2W to 1.2W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



10. Solar Stud Light

Speciifcation with 0.2W to 1.2W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



11. Colorful solar spike light


It could be used to decorate in front of a bar,commercial street, party opening, wedding ceremony etc .

Speciifcation with 0.5W solar panel are available,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed



12. Solar LED gutter light

Suitable for walkways, driveways, gardens, landscaping, outdoor parties, and pathway
nd a great buy for home owners, landscapers, garden enthusiasts, and anything else.,OEM & ODM orders are welcomed


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