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1. Grid-tie Solar Power System

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PV grid-tie PV systems to put into power,Without Battery Energy Storage,Directly through the grid-connected inverter,Put into power grid.Photovoltaic power generation is the development of photovoltaic power, and represent the most attractive use of energy in the 21st century technology



2. Off-grid Solar Power System


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Independent Solar Power System

      Stand-alone systems are independent from the utility grid,avoiding the possibility of losing power when the grid goes down.Electricity from stand-alone systems are used on site,such as an RV or cabin.Power that is generated can be stored in batteries and used at night or on sunless days. A generator may also be used for back-up.For PV applications,the size of a stand-alone system is usually up to 50kW.
     Off-grid solar system consist of solar panel, solar controller, Inverter and batteries. To design a solar  power system, the following conditions are needed to consider:



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