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1. HAWT & Solar Hybrid System

Wind and Solar Hybrid Energy System is designed to combine two power system into a high-efficient and complementary one, just in order to guarantee with the power is enough everyday, if some day there is sunlight but without the wind energy, the solar panel charge system. The other way round, if some day there is wind energy but without the sunlight, the wind turbine can charge the electricity load. When someday both wind & solar energy is enough, both can generate power for home appliance and electricity grid. When the night is coming, the wind turbine is also can continue to work for supply the energy to the system, so we sure the system will be popular in the coming future.

Item:350W-10KW,customized configuration is welcomed



2. VAWT & Solar Hybrid System


Item:350W-10KW,customized configuration is welcomed



3.HAWT and Solar Hybrid Street Light

Wind generator and solar cell can generate independently or co-generate together. They can use wind energy in cloudy and rainy days or at night, or solar energy in a windless day, so as to generate complementally with wind energy and solar energy. At the same time, the system is equipped with an accumulator, which can ensure the normal working of the lighting system under a windless and non-sunlight condition.

Technical Data:
1) Wind Turbine: 300w,400W,500W, customized configuration is welcomed
2 )Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline solar modules(12V/60W, 2pcs), life time more than 25 years
3) Battery: highly reliable maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery, 2×12V150Ah
4) Control system: special microcomputer intelligent controller (Light & time control, over-charging protection, over-discharging protection)
5) Working voltage: 12V/24 DC
6) Light Source: super-bright LED 80W-400W
7) Lighting Time: 8-10 hours/day or subject to customer setting based on specific needs, Lasting for 5 to 7 continuous rainy/overcast days
8) Applied temperature: –40℃ to 70℃
9) Material: Metal structure (inside and outside thermal galvanization/plastic coating)
10) Pole height: 4.5 to 12m (special requirement is available)



4.VAWT and Solar Hybrid Street Light

Item: wind turbine300W,400W,500W,customized configuration is welcomed



5. HAWT and Solar Hybrid CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Wind and Solar Hybrid CCTV  is a wide area stand alone surveillance system incorporating its own wind and solar power generators. As such, it provides a totally self contained surveillance solution ideally suited to deployment in remote or undeveloped rural areas

Item: wind turbine300W,400W,500W,customized configuration is welcomed



6. VAWT and Solar Hybrid CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)


Item: wind turbine300W,400W,500W,customized configuration is welcomed


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